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A podcast about finding

wonder in a secular age

Hosted by Daniel Lev Shkolnik

   The Show

Daniel Lev Shkolnik is a Humanist looking for deeper, more meaningful ways to live in a secular age. Each week, he dives into ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychology to find fresh ways of making sense of our place in the universe. Daniel talks with thought leaders, both secular and religious, about how to forge meaning in the 21st century. He honestly explores complex questions about belief and science and gives listeners life-affirming tools and thought-provoking ideas to help them find wonder in a secular age. New episodes on Wednesday mornings.


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Meet Daniel


Executive Producer & Host


Twitter @re_enchantment

Daniel Lev Shkolnik is a humanist speaker and community organizer. He graduated from Yale University with a degree in sociology and promotes Humanistic and naturalistic interpretations of spirituality.


He's managed a column in the nonreligious section of Patheos.com and worked under Greg Epstein, the Humanist chaplain at Harvard. He’s given talks at the MIT Secular Society, the Harvard Humanist Hub, Seacoast Sunday Assembly, Nashville Nones Convention, New Orleans Secular Humanist Association, and elsewhere on topics such as the interplay of science and morality, the celebration of life, demystifying the mystical, and more.

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